About Us

About us

The story...

It was back in 2008. when we first fell in love with the hazelnut tree, hazelnut orchards and hazelnut products. It took almost 10 years of planning and preparing, and finally in 2018. we planted our first hazelnut orchard. But we didn't stop there. In 2019. we expanded the orchard and also made a hazelnut processing plant.

The brand...

We are especially proud of our brand name because it has a little bit of magic hidden in it! The magic in Exclllusive is in the three L letters. Our family has been blessed with three children, and the first letter of their names is the letter L. We wanted to include their positiv energy and love in our products and pass that feeling to our customers.

Our mission and vision...

With making our products we want to help our customers and be a part of their healthy diet, healthy meal, healthy lifestyle. We do this by choosing only the best quality hazelnuts and processing them with a lot of love and care.

Combining our products in an exclusive gift box we pretend to be a part of successful business partnerships, love stories, life lasting friendships and the happy and exceptional moments in the life of our customers.

Hazelnut orchard

An idea became a dream
that we live day by day!